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It's duty is keeping the necessary pressure for the correct work of the system.The respective parts are as follow :filter, magnet valve, pump, transformer, colling fan and protective box. 


  • Filter: It's main role is to prevent the system block-up of the nozzles from the limestone deposits which is precipitating around the spray hole. It is mainly used in regions where the water sources are with harder water.
  • Magnet valve: It serves to turn the water flow on and off automatically in the system when the pump is on.
  • Pump: The pump consists of ceramic valves, which ensure long-term operation of the system. With regard to safety it uses 24 V electricity and it is completely noiseless and compact. It also regulates the water pressure output from 0 to 13 BAR. It is equipped with automatic thermo protection. The pump has a bypass, which helps regulate the pressure regardless of the number of nozzles.
  • Transformer: It's role is to change voltage from 220v to 24v.
  • Cooling fan: On hot days a thermo protective pump switch becomes activated. In order to prevent that, a cooling fan is installed in the pressure pump module.
  • Shutoff pressure gauge: It serves to turn off the pump in case of emergencies, such as water flow stoppage.
  • Protective box: Fine line tin box box for pump and other parts protection.